Going Back to Her First Slice of Pizza

Meet Gail, in town from Albuquerque to visit her daughter, Renee.

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Gail grew up in Milwaukee and took our Brady Street tour while in town this month. We started with a visit to Zaffiro’s Pizza. It turns out that this was the place that Gail first tried pizza. It was the 1950’s and she was 11 years old. Her Dad told the family that he was taking them out to try a “new food called pizza.” She loved it, but never having had oregano either, she shared with us that she wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it!

Gail’s daughter Renee shared with us that it was great to take her back to the original Zaffiro’s to have the pizza again – and it was still great after all these years.  “Our whole group enjoyed being a tourist in our own town. We learned a ton and loved seeing Milwaukee from a new perspective.”