Crafting Memorable Corporate Events with Milwaukee Food & City Tours

In the bustling world of corporate events, customization, seamless execution, and memorable experiences are not just desires; they’re necessities. Milwaukee Food & City Tours, highlighted on “Experience Wisconsin” with John Mercure on WTMJ, emerges as a key player. Offering no deposit, all-inclusive pricing, and flexibility, they ensure every corporate event in Milwaukee and Chicago is successful. Theresa Nemetz, the passionate founder, emphasizes their dedication to crafting experiences that reflect each group’s unique needs, making them a perfect partner for company event planners looking for no work, just fun, with rock-solid reliability. Whatever your needs, the answer is “yes, we’re on it!” Our team has the expertise, connections, focus, and innovative problem-solving skills to make it happen. Make what happen? Well, just about anything.”

Tailored to Your Corporate Event Needs

Understanding Client Desires

From the initial conversation, Milwaukee Food & City Tours digs deep to understand its clients’ desires. Whether celebrating an anniversary, a corporate milestone, or a team-building retreat, the team’s approach starts with a simple yet vital question: What are you trying to accomplish? As Theresa on WTMJ shares, “This approach ensures that each tour is an event and an experience reflecting the clients’ true objectives.”

Creating Customized Itineraries

The art of creating customized itineraries involves a blend of listening and creativity. For instance, a 50th wedding anniversary tour might weave through locales significant to the couple’s history, offering an experience their family members can cherish and learn from. Similarly, for corporate clients, whether it’s a “Tacos and Tequila” tour or a culinary exploration of Pilsen in Chicago, the goal is to align the experience with the group’s interests and schedules, making every detail count, all while focusing on value, ensuring that the investment justifies the benefits.

Anticipating and Planning for Every Corporate Event Season

Theresa describes the special holiday time: 

At Milwaukee Food & City Tours, we’re all about thinking ahead and making your holiday season sparkle with unforgettable memories. We get it; sometimes, the rush of the year means summer flies by, and suddenly, it’s time to deck the halls and gather in cheer. That’s why we’re already on the ball, lining up those much-anticipated Christmas tours and holiday parties for our clients who dream of a perfect festive bash without the fuss.

We get into the details early, securing your chosen date and ensuring every aspect of your event is seamless—from the cozy venues and delicious dining options to the smooth rides that’ll get you there. It’s all about giving you and your team the freedom to revel in the season’s joy, wrapped in the warmth of impeccable planning and our signature touch of magic.

Think of us as your holiday elves, working behind the scenes to craft an event as unique as your team, filled with laughter, bonding, and maybe even a sprinkle of holiday magic. With Milwaukee Food & City Tours, your holiday celebration is not just an event; it’s a premium, joy-filled journey from start to finish, made easy and extraordinary just for you. Let’s plan one for the books this holiday season—effortlessly fun, warm, and unforgettable.

Beyond Tours: A Partner in Corporate Recruitment and Education

A Unique Role in Recruitment

At Milwaukee Food & City Tours, they’ve embraced the role of helping companies attract top talent to our vibrant city. Imagine this: a prospective executive and their family exploring Milwaukee not just as a potential workplace but as a future home while immersed in the city’s rich culture and welcoming community. It’s a unique, hands-on way to introduce them to the local lifestyle, from the bustling markets and serene parks to the friendly faces that make our city unique. They craft these experiences, offering a glimpse into daily life here, answering questions candidates might hesitate to ask in a formal setting, and even indulging in some local custard because that’s the sweet, authentic Milwaukee way. It’s not just about recruitment; it’s about building connections and showcasing the warmth and opportunity in Milwaukee. This approach has made Milwaukee Food & City Tours a trusted business partner and a friendly guide for families considering making our city their home

Why Choose Milwaukee Food & City Tours for Your Next Corporate Event?

Deep Local Expertise and Connections

Their deep-rooted connections within Milwaukee and Chicago allow for experiences that showcase the authentic heart of each city. From hidden gems to iconic locales, they offer tours that are as informative as they are enjoyable.

Comprehensive Planning from Start to Finish

From the initial concept to the final execution, Milwaukee Food & City Tours stands by its clients, offering expertise and support every step of the way. Their commitment to seamless execution and attention to detail ensures that each event is flawless, leaving guests with lasting memories.

Tune In

You can listen to more about Milwaukee Food & City Tours on WTMJ’s “Experience Wisconsin” Episode #002. With a focus on customization, seamless execution, and creating memorable experiences, Milwaukee Food & City Tours is a tour company and destination management company. Whether you want to engage employees, celebrate milestones, or welcome potential new hires to Milwaukee, our all-inclusive, meticulously planned tours will impress.

Transcript from Experience Wisconsin Episode #002


00;06;04;11 – 00;06;09;29 Speaker 1 Welcome back to Experience Wisconsin with John Mercure on WTMJ. 00;06;10;01 – 00;06;26;08 Speaker 2 Welcome back. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Let’s keep it right here in Milwaukee. Our friend Theresa Nemetz is the owner and founder of Milwaukee Food and City Tours. I’m so excited that she is with us. Thank you so much for being here, Theresa. Thank you. I love what you guys do. It’s such a it’s one of the coolest things we have in our city. 00;06;26;14 – 00;06;40;01 Speaker 2 Check out the website right away. I’m going to give this to you. Milwaukee Food Tours dot com. So many things you can do with your friends, with your family, with the group that you’re involved in today. Focused a little bit on private tours that you hosted in both Milwaukee and Chicago. I want to start with kind of a broad question. 00;06;40;08 – 00;06;44;20 Speaker 2 How do you come up with the itinerary ideas and the creative part of doing this? 00;06;44;22 – 00;07;00;17 Speaker 3 Well, right off the bat, we find out from our clients, you know, what do they want? What are they trying to accomplish? Is it an anniversary that they’re celebrating? A birthday, a bachelor party? You know, what are they trying to do? And then we like to ask questions and find out, you know, what makes something special for you. 00;07;00;18 – 00;07;21;10 Speaker 3 Like, you know, we just had a reunion. It was a 50th wedding anniversary. And so right away we said, Where did you get married? Where was your first date? You know, and able to take them on this beautiful tour that their children and their grandchildren had never even known those things. So all you want to know and then we also have just really standard tours. 00;07;21;17 – 00;07;36;07 Speaker 3 You know, you can go on our website and you can see we do a tacos and tequila tour, for example, in Milwaukee and a street foods a tour, a tour in Pilsen in Chicago. And these are tours that, you know, people can just say, this is what I’m trying to do. This is the time and the date that I need to do it. 00;07;36;13 – 00;07;37;00 Speaker 3 And we make it. 00;07;37;00 – 00;07;42;25 Speaker 2 Happen so people can still plan their summer outing. There’s time for that. But our people already looking ahead to the fall and to the holidays. 00;07;42;25 – 00;08;03;06 Speaker 3 Yes, absolutely. You know, sometimes companies, they just skip the summer season and go right to Christmas. Right. And so we already are putting a lot of Christmas and holiday parties on the books for clients that want to really make sure that they pick the date that they need and have a really great time. You know, we have to make sure that all of our vendors and restaurant partners and transportation providers are available. 00;08;03;06 – 00;08;09;11 Speaker 3 So we love to be able to work with groups, though, to really find what you want to be able to show off in Milwaukee. 00;08;09;16 – 00;08;26;23 Speaker 2 Theresa Nemetz is with us on Experience. Wisconsin, one of our great companies in town is Milwaukee Food and City Tours. I heard a little birdie told me that you’re actually becoming part of the recruiting process for some of our companies that are trying to land executives or workers here. That sounds really super cool. Yeah. How are you involved? 00;08;27;00 – 00;08;52;29 Speaker 3 You know, it’s a really unique opportunity where we are really a part of the interview process. So we work with organizations, colleges, universities and businesses that they will bring in not only an individual to interview, but their whole entire family. Right? Because really, they are interviewing Milwaukee as well. And so we get them during the interview. Maybe we have 2 hours that we get to show them off Milwaukee and then we’ll stop for custard. 00;08;53;04 – 00;09;12;04 Speaker 3 And maybe, you know, that interviewee will have a chance to be able to ask some questions from the individual and then we’ll take them to the airport and they can fly home and they can think about coming back to Milwaukee. So we love to show off the city. You know, they can ask questions freely and they can ask, tell me about the schools, tell me about these restaurants. 00;09;12;06 – 00;09;16;25 Speaker 3 And so it’s just a great way for us to be able to really sell Milwaukee to. 00;09;16;28 – 00;09;31;28 Speaker 2 Great idea. I love that idea. And then they can ask you questions that maybe they’re not comfortable asking the h.r. Person or the official person on their tour. And you live here and work here. That is such a great idea. I love that. What about field trips? Do you guys get involved in field trips? 00;09;32;04 – 00;09;53;14 Speaker 3 Yeah, we do. So, actually, the whole reason that we started the company six years ago was because when I was a student and I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Applebee used to actually take us on a walking tour of our community, and we would stop for lunch. And then if you fast forward to when we first started the tour company, I said, I want to do this for local schools. 00;09;53;14 – 00;10;19;25 Speaker 3 So we actually work with quite a few schools. We just had one actually from the Grafton area. This particular teacher, she has brought tour groups twice a year now for six years on our tour. So the teachers, they love being able to have us show off Milwaukee through its cuisine and be able to talk about, for example, talking about the Germans and then eating the German cuisine, talking about the Italians and eating the Italian food. 00;10;20;02 – 00;10;23;27 Speaker 2 So that be cool for like foreign exchange students and others that are from far away. 00;10;23;28 – 00;10;45;23 Speaker 3 Yes, exactly. We actually have quite a few, especially German foreign exchange students that the clubs will get together and all the families will bring out the students. And of course, we like to do fun things like take them over to the Pabst Mansion and learn about the German history of Milwaukee and then take them over to Old World Third Street and be able to take them to, you know, places like Peter’s, for example. 00;10;46;01 – 00;11;05;23 Speaker 2 that is so perfect. So it’s custom tours, It’s private tours. There’s tours. You can sign up for that go all the time that are absolutely incredible. Even I recommend, even if you’ve lived here for a long time, take one of these tours because you’re going to learn something and have a really, really good time. The website is Milwaukee Food Tours dot com, Milwaukee Food tours dot com. 00;11;05;23 – 00;11;15;28 Speaker 2 Check it out. Customize your tour or book one. Today I’m going to get on a couple of these before the summer is over. Theresa Nemetz is the founder and owner of Milwaukee Food and City Tours. Thank you so much for being with us. 00;11;15;29 – 00;11;16;27 Speaker 3 Thank you so much. 00;11;16;29 – 00;11;30;23 Speaker 2 That really is such a super cool option. You can actually build your own tour. How about that? Get friends together. You got family in town. You work for an organization. You can build your own tours. Check out their website. Up next, we head North Rhinelander When Experience Wisconsin continues.