Episode #005 · September 2023

Showing Off Milwaukee to Groups

In this episode Theresa discusses the busy Summer season and enjoyment of showing visiting groups what Milwaukee has to offer. Then a discussion on how their brunch tour is a great experience for locals.

Episode #004 · July 2023

Experiencing Milwaukee for the First Time

In this episode Theresa talks about the experience of showing Milwaukee off to groups who have little to no knowledge of Milwaukee, including a group of farmers from Germany!

Episode #003 · July 2023

Custom Tours

Theresa speaks with Experience Wisconsin about the process of creating unique tour offerings for groups with special requests or celebrating special occasions.

Episode #002 · June 2023

An Interview with Theresa Nemetz

In this episode we talk private tour offerings in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas.

Episode #001 · May 2023

Sherwood’s Fabulous Fudge

Listen to Theresa’s first Experience Wisconsin podcast episode, interviewing John Sherwood, co-owner of Sherwood’s Fabulous Fudge.