The 73rd National Square Dance Convention: A Whirlwind of Dance and Discovery in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI was do-si-do’ing with excitement as it hosted the 73rd National Square Dance Convention. This convention in Milwaukee brought together 2,300 square dance enthusiasts from across the country, and it was a chance for attendees to promenade through the city’s rich cultural, historical, and culinary heritage. Participants enjoyed a variety of dance sessions, workshops, and social events, all set against the vibrant backdrop of Milwaukee. The convention highlighted the importance of community and the joy of dance, fostering connections among attendees who were ready to do-si-do and allemande left.

Thanks to Milwaukee Food & City Tours, attendees at the National Square Dance Convention had an array of tours to swing their partners to, adding a delightful twist to their convention experience while in Milwaukee.

Ethnic Bakeries of Milwaukee Bus Tour

One of the standout tours we hosted for the convention attendees was our Ethnic Bakeries of Milwaukee Bus Tour. Participants sashayed through 4-5 of Milwaukee’s beloved bakeries, sampling signature cookies, candies, and pastries. This four-hour tour was a sweet treat, offering a delicious mix of stops at bakeries for treats and shopping, along with ham sandwiches for a light lunch.

Harley Davidson Museum & Miller Brewery Tour

For those interested in history and industry, the custom Harley Davidson Museum & Miller Brewery Tour was a perfect choice for participants. This four-hour bus tour included a guided walk through the Harley Davidson Museum where attendees learned about the legendary motorcycle company’s history. Lunch at the Motor Bar and Restaurant added a tasty interlude before heading to a brewery for a tour and tasting session. The tour also featured a narrated city tour focused on Milwaukee’s manufacturing history, making it an educational and enjoyable experience that was sure to keep everyone in step.

Churches & Chocolates Tour

The Churches & Chocolates Tour is one we often host groups on, with the tour visiting three of Milwaukee’s iconic churches, including the Basilica of Saint Josaphat, St. Sava’s and the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on Marquette University’s campus. The tour included a city tour highlighting its architectural beauty, lunch and stop at a local chocolate shop for treats and shopping that added a sweet finish to the day. It was a divine way to spend the afternoon together and show off Milwaukee’s moniker as the “City of Steeples.”

Beer Barons of Milwaukee

The Beer Barons of Milwaukee tour was a must for beer lovers. This four-hour bus tour began with a visit to the Forest Home Cemetery and its Halls of History, followed by an extensive tour of the historic Pabst Mansion. The tour concluded with a visit to the historic Pabst Brewery, offering a deep dive into Milwaukee’s brewing heritage. Participants couldn’t help but raise a toast to this hops-filled adventure.

A Day in Lake Geneva

For a full-day experience, attendees could opt for A Day in Lake Geneva. This tour started with a two-hour narrated boat tour of Lake Geneva, showcasing the area’s unique properties. Participants enjoyed an Italian lunch at Popeye’s and spent the afternoon exploring local shops and the scenic lakefront. It was a refreshing getaway from the bustling city, perfect for those looking to waltz through a picturesque day.

Burgers & Custard Tour

Milwaukee’s reputation as the Custard Capital of the World was celebrated on the Burgers & Custard Capitol of the World Tour. Participants enjoyed a burger and fries while learning about Milwaukee’s favorite treats and even visited the statue of Arthur Fonzarelli, affectionately known as “The Fonz.” It was a delicious way to swing through the city’s custard heritage.

Sightseeing Cruise

Lastly, the Sightseeing Cruise provided a unique perspective on Milwaukee. This 90-minute cruise explored the city’s rivers, harbors, and Lake Michigan, with live narration highlighting Milwaukee’s history and architecture. It was a relaxing and informative way to see the city from the water, ensuring attendees had an unforgettable view to promenade through.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention in Milwaukee was a vibrant celebration of dance and community. The convention was a testament to Milwaukee’s welcoming spirit and the enduring joy of square dancing, proving that Milwaukee knows how to keep everyone in perfect step. It is truly a joy to work with conventions groups in Milwaukee, and our work with the 73rd National Square Dance Convention continued this tradition.

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