The Best Italian Bakeries in Milwaukee to find Easter Treats

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We frequently are asked by our tour attendee, “Which Italian bakery in Milwaukee sells the best breads and cookies?” We decided to learn about the Italian baking traditions for Easter by visiting the best Italian bakeries in the greater Milwaukee area.

Pupa Con L’ouva

One of the most popular Easter treats in Sicily is Pupa Con L’uova (also spelled Pupi and Pupo frequently) translates to “the doll with the egg,” a sweet treat usually given to children as Easter gifts. This treat is made of sweet dough wrapped around decorated eggs into various shapes like birds, dolls, hearts, bunnies and more. An egg is held into place by strips of crossed dough.

 Duck shaped Pupa Con L’uova from Scordato's Bakery Inc. Duck shaped Pupa Con L’uova from Scordato’s Bakery Inc.

Many area Italians and Sicilians recall waking up on Easter morning to find this pastry in their basket as a special breakfast treat. It is lightly sweetened with orange and anise and resembles a very thick cookie dough. This sweet dough is a wrapped around a raw egg that is sometimes dyed before being baked. Once the pastry is baked it is decorated with a thin frosting and decorated with sprinkles, colored frosting or Jordan almonds.

Tradition says that the bigger the pastry and the more eggs in the pastry, the more important the recipient is. Therefore, the biggest pastry is traditionally given to the head of the household.

Milwaukee has no shortage of wonderful options to get Pupa Con L’uovas! As a result, we visited four best Italian bakeries in the greater Milwaukee area and love how each bakery put their own spin on the traditional Pupa Con L’uova and made it their own.

Want to stock your Easter table with these delightful treats? Here’s where to go:

Scordato Bakery Inc.
5011 W Howard Ave, Milwaukee
Cost: $3.99
Featuring undyed Easter eggs and light anise flavoring. Shapes include traditional basket, nest, duck, bunny and cross.

 Hard boiled egg in Pupa Con L’uova from Peter Sciortino Bakery Hard boiled egg in Pupa Con L’uova from Peter Sciortino Bakery

Peter Sciortino Bakery
1101 E Brady St, Milwaukee
Cost: $5.99
Featuring a more cookie-like consistency, undyed Easter eggs, and glazed with a consistent and thick frosting. Traditional shapes of baskets and bunnies.

Pane Di Pasqua

Pupa Con L’uova is commonly confused with its Italian cousin, Pane Di Pasqua, or Easter Italian Bread. Pane Di Pasqua is like a bioche bread that is braided into various shapes with eggs nestled among the folds.

Want to order some traditional Italian Easter Bread in Milwaukee?  The only bakery we have been able to find this product is at:

Aggie’s Bakery & Cake Shop
7328 W. Greenfield Avenue, West Allis
Cost: $7.95
Must pre-order, or will be available in-store 3 days prior to Easter.

If you know of an area bakery that sells Pane Di Pasqua, please email us at

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